based on tipiWiki 3.0 (http://tipiwiki.sourceforge.net/)

new features:

  • simple session-based authentication
  • page including
  • light blue style
  • image based smilies ;)
  • file uploads
  • implemented syntax highlighting (Generic Syntax Highlighter)
  • simple secured topics
  • anchors
  • contact me with the Contact form
  • viewing changes between revisions (with syntax highlighting)
  • switching of styles
  • new image based style
  • simple discussion board
  • recursive lists
  • preview when editing pages


  1. managing topics/pages (delete, restoring revisions, rename, copy?, ...)
  2. extend displayed information of cevisions (author,time created)
  3. easy management of uploaded files (deleting files, search for files?)
  4. directory structure in uploaded file list
  5. table of contents generated automatically
  6. email and captcha based registration
  7. linking of uploaded files (!= images)
  8. fix bugs: empty lines after code block
  9. mail notify on adding text to a discussion
  10. switching back to older revisions
  11. toolpage for managing/deleting topics/revisions
  12. implement table syntax
  13. better secured topics by extended rights management
  14. multilingual (?)
  15. publish at sourceforge :)

releated stuff:

  • MainMenu - the Menu for editing
  • SandBox - a place for playing in the wiki ;)

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