Gaming on Apple M1 Macbook Air

March 28 , 2021

Here I list games that I play with my new Macbook Air with M1 processor:


  • Apple M1 Macbook Air, 16GB, 4+4 Core CPU, 8Core GPU, 1TB SSD


A quick list: (content will be updated)

Games on Apple M1
Game Works Performance
Rimworld Yes (Rosetta)


Oxygen Not Included Yes (Rosetta)

Good on small Maps, getting warm
Using Remote Play on Steam for larger ones.


Win10 Insider in
Parallels Desktop

Good. MacBook gets quiet warm.
On battery getting about 3h of gameplay.
Terraria Yes (Rosetta) Perfect
Shortest Trip to Earth Wine (Crossover Office) Good
Valheim No  
Minecraft (Bedrock) No

kinda works with ipa sideloading,
but No keyborad/mouse control possible



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