New project: audio track recorder in your Webbrowser!

June 11 , 2020



Over the last months, I've developed some a webpages for supporting my band at home.

1st project that I've recently published is a tool for recording takes in your browser when you dont have your DAW at hand.


With "webaudio-tracks" you can:

  • playback multiple audio sources synced in tracks (like guitar, bass and drum tracks)
  • change the volume and pan (not on iOS) for each track like using a mixer
  • see output levels in meter bars for each track and the master (if you like)
  • arm a track for recording and record by minimizing the latency/delay just like recording in a DAW/Audio recorder application
  • upload the recorded take to your server (PHP example script for receiving the upload is included)
  • support for loading multiple sessions


Clone or download the code from github:

Configuration of sessions is done in *.json files. See github project for details how to configure your session. 

For example:

  • hide the master track or disable pan control for more simplicity
  • Naming of tracks, rename recorder - track
  • setting up offset values


Screenshot from an example session with 2 tracks playing audio and 1 track for recording.

Tags: HTML + Web | music | recording

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