Mojave hackintosh USB 3.0 fix

March 10 , 2019

Fixed my hackintosh USB 3.0 support :)


After building my hackintosh there was one issue left: the available USB 3.0 ports ware not accepting my USB 3.0 USB - Stick!

Here's how to fix that:

I've found a text description, how to do this here: at insanelymac forum

Here are the files:

Extraxt the and copy the contents over your EFI partition (should only extend the config.plist like below and add the USBPorts.kext for my ASUS PRIME Z390M-PLUS board!)

If you're using a different board or you just want to patch manually:

A "Short" HowTo:

  • 1st you should have booted macOS having USBInjectAll.kext in yout EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other folder of your EFI - partition (when using the ZIP I've provided, it is already there :)
  • Download hackintool
  • Start hackintool, goto Intel, then choose Patch at the bottom right
  • Now click Advanced, activate USB Port Limit and click generate Patch
  • Now you need to open Clover configurator and mount and open your EFI partition, you can close Clover configurator afterwards
  • Navigate to EFI/CLOVER/config.plist on that mounted partition
  • Better make a backup of your config.plist (copy and paste anywhere save should do - I use git :)
  • Open config.plist in a text editor - i like to use Sublime text 3.
  • In config.plist search for KextsToPatch 
  • Better remove the existing USB Patch and paste the lines from hackintool. (you can also apply the patch supplied here)


  • Save the modifications. 
  • Reboot your hackintosh
  • After restart, open hackintool again
  • Choose USB at the top
  • Now use any USB device and plug it in ANY of your USB ports while having the hackintool open
  • you will see the ports that you use getting green:
  • Now use the export button at the bottom to export a patch - a USBPorts.kext will be exported to the desktop
  • Use clover configurator to mount your EFI  partition
  • Copy all files hackintool has created on your desktop to EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other like so:

  • Also you should delete the USBInjectAll.kext (or rename it like I did)

  • Unmount the EFI partition - DONE

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